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The Arrival of Springtime (Spring/Easter Mini Sessions)

Many of you know that winter time, after Christmas through the beginning of spring, is usually a down time for photographers.  Spring time and the busy season are right around the corner and as soon as the weather breaks, we are all itching to get outside and start shooting.  This was probably one of the wettest springs I can remember in recent years, and it seemed to take forever for it to warm up.

Last year for Spring/Easter Mini Sessions I had a rabbit.  My kids loved the rabbit, and he made for some really cute pictures.  However, we didn’t have such great luck being rabbit keepers.  One day we came home and the cage had been knocked off the porch and the rabbit was loose in the yard.  Another day, I came home to find our furry friend had expired.  I think the heat was too much for him, last year the arrival of spring was much warmer.  So this year I decided that no matter what my Spring/Easter Mini Sessions were either going to be with borrowed animals or if I had to buy animals I was going to find them a forever home really fast.  We just didn’t need to add to our family.  The dog is still here, much to Ben’s dismay, but no new animals for us.

My sweet neighbor got new baby ducks to add to their little farm across the road.  (They are much more animal responsible than we are, and have tons of animals.)  She was kind enough to let me borrow the new baby ducks for my Spring/Easter Mini Sessions, and they were so sweet.  Loud and messy, but sweet.  The peepers made a huge mess in their food and water during our lunch break but I ran some water in the kitchen sink and they had a nice little bath and play time before afternoon sessions.  My bff came and hung out with me during my mini sessions on Saturday and her official title was “Duck Wrangler.” Ha Ha.  I have learned that kids are unpredictable, animals are unpredictable, and that the combination of the two is sometimes magical and sometimes disastrous.  The baby peepers were like little models if you put them out there together they would just sit down and pose.  So super cute!  They all survived successfully, and none of them had their guts squeezed out (well not completely).  In the end I got some great pics during my Spring/Easter Minis Sessions, here are a few of my favorites.

Sofie- My mascot

I absolutely love this child! I’ve been shooting Sofie since before she was born  (I shot Abbey and Jason’s maternity pictures).  So I guess you could say that Sofie is growing with my business.  I’ve joked with her her mom that I am officially adopting Sofie as my mascot. Her first birthday was actually in December, and we got some family pics during one of my Christmas Mini-Sessions.  The weather and the holiday season just didn’t cooperate for us to get some one year pics of Sofie though.  So Abbey and I picked a day that was supposed to be pretty (one of those unseasonably nice nearly 70 degree days) and planned pictures during our lunch hours.  I’m sure she had some help getting Sofie ready ahead of time, but we somehow pulled it off.

So if you think you don’t have time to have pictures made, just look at what we accomplished during a lunch hour.

McWhorter-Summerford Wedding

I had the pleasure of shooting this June wedding.  The ceremony was at the Methodist Church in Cedar Bluff and the Reception was at the Little River Canyon Center. Summer is a local attorney, who works with me.  Josh works for the District Attorney’s office.  His little girl Mabry is a doll… see below.   I also shot family pictures for them this fall at De Soto State Park which will appear in a later post.

I have so many favorites from this wedding.  These are just a few.  There will be more included in the Weddings gallery.  (Updating Galleries is next on my list of things To-Do)


Tripling up! (eeek)

O.K., so I knew I was behind on posting.  Now I realize I am way behind!!!

I am bundling Ericka’s maternity pics, Brylan’s newborn pics, and Brylan’s 3 month pics into one post.  It won’t be long until time for Brylan’s 6 months pics. Where does the time go?

Doubling Up

I’m going to combine some posts in an effort to speed up my catching up process.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to catch up and  not let myself get so behind.  Wish me luck.:)

I did Joella Kay’s 3 month pictures and the first Family Portrait for the Meadows Family this Summer.


I also had the pleasure of shooting Alex’s pictures for her 1st birthday.  Boy her mommy worked hard, but we got some really cute faces out of her.